Sumanto Chattopadhyay to move on from 82.5 Communications

Sumanto Chattopadhyay to move on from 82.5 Communications

Mayur Varma and Anuraag Khandelwal elevated to the role of joint chief creative officers.

82.5 Communications India

Mumbai: 82.5 Communications chairman and chief creative officer Sumanto Chattopadhyay will be retiring later this month after having been with the Ogilvy Group for 30 years, the network has announced. The company said in a statement that Sumanto's journey with Ogilvy and then in setting up 82.5 was nothing short of excellence, and he leaves behind several proteges and a robust collection of awards from Indian and international platforms.

Anuraag Khandelwal and Mayur Varma will take on the creative leadership role as joint chief creative officers, 82.5 Communications India. Both Anuraag and Mayur are home-grown leaders—seeped in the Ogilvy group culture, part of the 82.5 founding team, with a body of internationally and nationally acclaimed work to show.

Ogilvy chairman global creative & executive chairman India Piyush Pandey said, "Sumanto Chattopadhyay has spent 30 glorious years with Ogilvy and 82.5 and retires after a well-played, long innings. Sumanto leaves with blessings and good wishes from all of us at Ogilvy and 82.5."

He added, "I am delighted to announce the appointment of two new CCOs who will work together to keep 82.5 shining. Mayur Varma and Anuraag Khandelwal are experienced and Ogilvy-trained creative stars who have received international and national recognition for their phenomenal creative work over the years. I am happy that Sumanto leaves behind a solid creative leadership for 82.5."

82.5 Communications India chairman & chief creative officer Sumanto Chattopadhyay said, "I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the adventure called Ogilvy, including its 82.5 chapter. Now it’s time for me to seek new adventures. It’s good to know that I can pass the baton to capable hands. Mayur has grown up under me in Ogilvy Kolkata, then Mumbai, and finally at 82.5. It's wonderful to see him come into his own. Anuraag is a fabulously creative person who has done 82.5 proud with his work and will, no doubt, shine brighter now. Kapil, my co-chairman, is a man for all seasons. With this leadership, the agency has a great future. My warmest wishes to them, to 82.5 and to all my colleagues past and present."  

82.5 Communications India co-chairman and chief executive officer Kapil Arora added, "I’ve had the privilege of being Sumanto’s partner these last three years and have much to thank him for, including helping build 82.5 Communications into a formidable agency in such a short period of time.  Sumanto is well known for grooming fantastic leaders throughout his career. As is the case with Anuraag Khandelwal and Mayur Varma, they are two of the best new-age, open and fearless creative leaders, and I can’t wait for them to bring their ideas, energy, and creative vision for the future of 82.5 Communications to life."

"We are super excited to be given the India responsibility of 82.5! Our endeavour is to work towards creating a more collaborative, creative and empathetic culture for our clients and us. With work that is both loved and fearless," said Anuraag Khandelwal and Mayur Varma.