NOFILTR.Group elects Hitarth Dadia as partner & CEO

NOFILTR.Group elects Hitarth Dadia as partner & CEO

In addition Mihir Surana will now take on the role of partner and advisor at NOFILTR.Group.


Mumbai: NOFILTR.Group, a leading influencer incubator and social media services agency, is pleased to announce the appointment of Hitarth Dadia as partner & CEO. Hitarth, who previously served as the partner & chief marketing officer (CMO) at NOFILTR.Group, brings a wealth of experience and a strong track record of success to his new role.

In his role as partner & CEO, Hitarth will be responsible for optimising business collaborations,  and creating a profitable entrepreneurial blueprint for the influencers associated with NOFILTR.Group. He will work closely with the creative departments to chart out detailed insights in public relations and branding for the influencers enforcing authenticity and intentional creation, further strengthening NOFILTR.Group's position in the market.

Hitarth joined NOFILTR.Group as a sales intern and quickly advanced to the role of business development head before taking on the role of CMO. During his time at NOFILTR.Group, Hitarth has successfully collaborated with international brands such as Cadbury and Amazon Pay, creatively coupling his insights in sales and marketing to garner traction for these brands on social media platforms.

"I'm thrilled to step into the role of Partner & CEO at NOFILTR.Group. Excited and ready to push our team to even greater heights." said Hitarth Dadia.

In addition to Hitarth's appointment, Mihir Surana, who previously served as partner & CEO, will now take on the role of partner and advisor at NOFILTR.Group. Mihir's strategic insights and leadership have been instrumental in guiding the company to where it is today. Having him onboard as an advisor will continue to play an important role in shaping the future. He'll also be keeping a close eye on any other projects from any other domains he finds interesting outside of Nofiltr.

"We are excited about the future with Hitarth stepping into the role of Partner & CEO. His strategic vision and leadership skills will be pivotal in driving NOFILTR.Group's growth and success," said NOFILTR.Group partner and advisor Mihir Surana. "I look forward to my journey with NOFILTR.Group in my new role, leveraging my experience to support Hitarth and the team in achieving their goals."

NOFILTR.Group believes that this shift will be invaluable as they continue to grow and innovate in the influencer marketing industry.