JetSynthesys appoints Raj Thadani as CEO of JS-DHH joint venture

JetSynthesys appoints Raj Thadani as CEO of JS-DHH joint venture

He has an experience of close to two decades in the technology and gaming space.

Raj Thadani

Mumbai: New-age digital entertainment and technology company, JetSynthesys, is pleased to announce the appointment of Raj Thadani as the CEO of its joint venture (JV) with Digital Hearts Holdings (DHH), a Japanese holding company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). In his new capacity, Thadani will spearhead strategic initiatives, drawing on DHH's expertise to bolster India's gaming supply chain pipeline.

Thadani's appointment signifies JetSynthesys' commitment to harnessing DHH's renowned capabilities within India, solidifying its global stature in gaming innovation. With extensive experience spanning close to two decades in technology and gaming, Thadani is poised to guide the joint venture towards success, seizing opportunities within the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

JetSynthesys CEO and founder Rajan Navani expressed his enthusiasm about the appointment, stating, "We are happy to welcome Raj Thadani as the CEO of our joint venture with Digital Hearts Holdings. His proven leadership skills and deep understanding of the gaming industry will be invaluable as we work to establish India as a global hub for game development and create impactful gaming experiences for our audience. Together, we are poised to unlock new avenues of growth and innovation in the gaming ecosystem."

Raj Thadani, the newly appointed CEO of JS-DHH Joint Venture, shared his vision for the joint venture, saying, "I am excited to lead the joint venture between JetSynthesys and Digital Hearts Holdings. Our collaboration signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation in the gaming sector. I look forward to leveraging DHH's strengths and JetSynthesys' vision to drive meaningful impact and deliver exceptional value to our stakeholders."

In November 2023, JetSynthesys announced a strategic partnership with Digital Hearts Holdings Co., Ltd. (DHH). As part of this collaboration, DHH has invested in JetSynthesys Co., Ltd. (JetSynthesys Japan). Simultaneously, JetSynthesys Japan harnesses DHH’s expertise in quality assurance, customer support, and marketing to create global products. JetSynthesys has formed a 50:50 joint venture in India with DHH. The joint venture will expand its debugging businesses in India and the global gaming market by combining the resources and know-how of both companies.