Zomato, SocioClout & Karmman Line partner to launch a Mother's Day campaign

Zomato, SocioClout & Karmman Line partner to launch a Mother's Day campaign

The campaign video is a delightful portrayal of familial bonds.


Mumbai: Zomato, the leading food aggregator platform, has collaborated with SocioClout, an esteemed influencer marketing agency, and Karmman Line, a renowned production house, to unveil a heartwarming campaign just in time for Mother's Day. This strategic partnership underscores Zomato's commitment to delivering compelling content while leveraging the expertise of industry leaders.

Titled ‘Mother's Day is on 12th May’, the campaign video is a delightful portrayal of familial bonds, featuring the iconic Johny Lever alongside social media sensations Ranveer Allahbadia and Arpit Balabantaray. Shot across Delhi and Mumbai, the production seamlessly blends the talents of SocioClout and Karmman Line, who played pivotal roles in planning, execution, and shooting.

With references ranging from cricket to pop culture, the video strikes a chord with diverse audiences, embodying Zomato's commitment to inclusivity and creativity. It cleverly addresses the common tendency to overlook Mother's Day, prompting viewers to reflect on the importance of expressing gratitude to mothers.

At the heart of the campaign lay a resolute mission: to engrave the significance of Mother's Day, 12 May, into the collective memory. Amidst the myriad of celebrated occasions in our culture, this special day often slips past unnoticed. With unwavering dedication, Zomato marshals a diverse cast of celebrities, influencers, even aliens and goats, to reignite awareness and appreciation for mothers. The team, driven by the fervent desire to ensure no one forgets to honor their mom, went above and beyond, leveraging every resource to inspire users to commemorate this cherished day by ordering a cake for their beloved mothers.

Socioclout's expertise in influencer marketing, coupled with Smoke Studioz's proficiency in production, has been instrumental in talent acquisition, creative direction, and flawless execution, ensuring the seamless integration of personalities and scenes that resonate with the target audience. In this emotionally resonant campaign, Johny Lever's presence adds a nostalgic touch, while Ranveer Allahbadia and Arpit Balabantaray infuse the narrative with humour and relatability.

Karmman Line's mastery of visual storytelling further enhances the campaign's impact, creating a captivating and immersive viewing experience. Their expertise shines through in every frame, ensuring a cohesive and engaging viewing experience.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated marketing and creative team at Zomato worked tirelessly to bring the campaign to life. From conceptualisation to execution, their passion and creativity were evident in every aspect of the project. Their collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence were instrumental in shaping the campaign's success.

As Mother's Day approaches, Zomato encourages viewers to join in the celebration and honour the mothers in their lives. Through this collaborative effort with SocioClout and Karmman Line, Zomato reaffirms its commitment to fostering meaningful connections and creating memorable experiences for its audience.