The campaign is a natural extension of the greater Parle G brand: Vinod Kunj

The campaign emphasis on empathy

Mumbai: Indian spoke to Thought Blurb Communications founder and chief creative officer, Vinod Kunj, on the 3 film campaign and the messaging through the campaign.

The latest Parle G campaign enhances the already strong equity of the brand. In these films, a child’s active mind sees a loved one’s disappointment, takes note of it, thinks on his/her feet and devises a solution that brings a smile to their face. The childlike innocence of the solution is part of the charm that compels the audience to take the message to heart.

Parle senior category head Mayank Shah said, “Parle G has always spoken from the child’s perspective. A child creates social connections with siblings, family, friends and others they care about in very different ways. Empathy comes easily at an early age and in uncomplicated terms. Before they are lost to age and practicality, an understanding of others can be rather sincere and honest.”

Taking this into account, the messaging has to acknowledge the child’s feelings and give it voice.” He added, “The journey of the brand from the last campaign to the current one is seamless and builds a deeper emotion in the minds of the audience. It appeals to the child and the parent alike. The devices used are in a simple visual language that is easy to understand by young and old alike.”

On the concept and thought behind these films?

The brand promise of 'G maane Genius' has been elevated to a higher level in these films. A child's empathy for others is seen as the key to the concept of genius in these films. Children have an innate sense of relationship with their peers, family, and friends and this goes a long way in their emotional growth. We celebrate that inborn genius and equate it to 'genius' as an emotional quotient, not just intelligence.

On the emphasis on human relationships?

We don't often think of human connection as important to a child's upbringing. The softer notes in a child's emotional growth are often not seen or evaluated as part of their development. In an environment marked with the need for academic achievement and classroom knowledge, inter personal skills and empathy are generally overlooked. This series of films tells children and their parents that it is not just alright to be human and act for the benefit of others, but it is important to be there for others and care for them. The last words in the films neatly outline a little sacrifice as a good thing. It makes us better humans in the end.

On the child as protagonist and the messaging of empathy through these films?

The child as the protagonist is the most important part of the film. It brings out the deep-seated good that is inherent in every child. Using the child to act on his or her own thoughts, beliefs and sentiment is necessary to show their natural emotional capability. It is not tutored or taught. It springs automatically in a child and we attribute it to 'genius'.

On the promotion?

The concept is larger than the medium. While the films are made as TV commercials, the subject can be expanded to all other media. In fact, the Digital campaign will be rolled out once the initial burst of the TV campaign is done. Very importantly, the thought is eternal and cannot be placed in any specific span of time. These are films that will ring true and touch hearts long after they have aired. In digital media, they can last forever and be available to future generations as children grow to understand their meaning.

On the soundtrack for the films?

The soundtrack is built around the film. It is soothing and composed like a short ballad. It serves the purpose of carrying through the narrative in the films. The story unfolds with the soundtrack. Opening on a gentle playful tune as an ode to childhood, the lyrics go on to simply explain the premise of the stories. The lyrics clearly outline the meaning that we want to convey. Without being overly preachy, they spell out empathy, kindness and self sacrifice as values that we find endearing in a child.

On the campaign

The campaign is a natural extension of the greater Parle G brand. It builds on an iconic brand built over decades. The genius of a child is shown as more than academics, sports or physical achievement. Social interaction, empathy and kindness are not generally measurable values. Putting a mirror to a child's intrinsic emotional values was our way to expand the concept of what it takes to be a genius. The brand's equity grows firmer as we put the child in the lead. Assimilating the brand into the child's environment from a place of deep appreciation of honesty, innocence and simplicity.

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