SBI Life salutes moms balancing aspirations and family

SBI Life salutes moms balancing aspirations and family

This campaign aims at putting these extraordinarily brave mothers in the spotlight

Mumbai: Motherhood is a journey filled with countless joys and challenges. One of the biggest challenges for mothers is choosing between their responsibilities towards their children and family or pursuing their passions. However, modern motherhood has evolved to embrace both aspects without seeing them as mutually exclusive. This Mother's Day, SBI Life recognises the new-age mothers who courageously pursue their dreams while simultaneously taking care of their loved ones.

Through its latest digital campaign, SBI Life pays a tribute to the new-age mothers who are exploring solo trips with their children. The campaign aims at putting these extraordinarily brave mothers in the spotlight, who are chasing their dreams while keeping their kids' and loved ones’ well-being in mind. SBI Life applauds such mothers who are determined to take up new challenges in life while fulfilling all of their responsibilities towards protection and parenthood equally.

The digital video depicts a family who are on their way to the airport for a trip to Paris. The father while driving is continuously noticing the mother sitting at the passenger seat accompanied by their child, who is sitting at the back. As the car stops at a traffic signal, the father notices the mother looking intently at her phone. He assures her that he will make video calls to her every night, despite the time difference between India and Paris. The mother expresses concern about the solo trip and the things at hand to be managed at home. However, the father assures her that everything will be well taken care of all the whereabouts. The same time we witness a twist in the plot, wherein upon reaching the parking lot, the father hands over the passport and other travel related documents to the mother, hinting that the trip will be taken by her and his child. The scene ends with the mother and child leaving for the check-in counter while the father stays back with a book on France's history.

Through their playful banter, the video showcases that with some amount of encouragement, support and a positive outlook, the mother is able to pursue her passion without compromising on her duties towards her family. It celebrates the spirit of modern-day motherhood, which breaks free from traditional societal expectations and empowers women to fulfil their dreams while being great mothers.

 SBI Life, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR  Ravindra Sharma, said, "Motherhood is an experience that is associated with selflessness and compassion and we are of the belief that it should never hold a woman back from achieving her goals. At SBI Life, we are driven to liberate the new-age mothers who are redefining modern-day parenting by pursuing their passions without compromising on their family responsibilities. We want to honour the self-assured mother who serves as a role model for her children and inspires them to pursue their dreams. Our Mother's Day film is a salute to the brave mothers who are taking the plunge and embarking on solo trips with their children. We hope their inspiring stories will motivate numerous other mothers to chase their dreams”.

He further added, “Motherhood has evolved over the years. Women no longer see their role as just caretakers of children but also have ambitions and passions they want to pursue. Pursuing passion while being a responsible parent can be a liberating experience for many. Mothers who chase their dreams while simultaneously raising children, inspire their kids and instil a sense of responsibility in them. They show that it's possible to achieve success without sacrificing family life”.

Dentsu Creative India president - digital experience  Sahil Shah said, “Motherhood is not just about nurturing and caring, it's also about leading and inspiring. For our Mother’s Day film, we identified a new archetype of motherhood where women are fearlessly venturing out on solo trips while also creating meaningful experiences for their kids, which is a testament to the power of a mother's love and determination. In responsibly pursuing her passion for travel, a mother can open up new horizons for her children and instil in them a love for exploration and learning”.