New TVC showcases smart eye Haier AC functionalities in a quirky manner

New TVC showcases smart eye Haier AC functionalities in a quirky manner

MUMBAI: Haier, a global leader in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics, is ready to welcome the summer season with the launch of its new TV commercial campaign for its recently launched inverter technology, ‘Smart Eye’ air conditioner.

The TVC went live on television recently and is being aired across all metro cities in six different languages across leading English, Hindi, GECs and other regional entertainment, movies and music channels. The new TVC primarily highlights the consumer centric smart features of Haier’s ‘Smart Eye’ Air-conditioner. Haier partnered with Scarecrow Communications, Delhi as the creative agency for conceptualizing and executing the TVC.

The story revolves around different characters including renowned actors such as Jugal Hansraj who plays the role of a progressive prince bringing the new Haier AC in the house and the lead character Remotu kaka played by Vaibhhav Mathur. The film has been directed by renowned Ad Film director - Pradeep Sarkar of Apocalypso Film Works.

The story is of a royal family living in a palace where every member has different demands when it comes to the cooling intensity of the AC and Remotu Kaka holds the utmost responsibility in the house to adjust the temperature, the air throw direction, cooling intensity etc. of the each air conditioner with his multiple remotes. The TVC stars striking characters with unforgettable quirks. From Remotu Kaka who is wearing a jacket loaded with remotes to a Rajmata who plays polo sitting on an electric wheelchair to a king's family wielding Japanese fans. Not only this, but also the entry of Haier Air Conditioners in the film is quite unique where they are escorted into the palace placed on a series of royal palanquins.

The commercial details out the user benefits of the ‘Smart Eye’ air conditioner by Haier, which comes with Inverter Technology, energy saving capabilities and is designed to add comfort and convenience to the lives of the consumers.The Cooling intensity and temperature adjustment in an AC is a primary concern many consumers have, but to understand what the human body wants is also very difficult. Therefore, the TVC focuses on the recently introduced ‘Smart Eye’ AC by Haier, which comes with a human sensor where the AC automatically adjusts its cooling efficiency depending on the number of people in the room, their exact position as well as external light conditions. Moreover, the storyline of the commercial also highlights how constant manual adjustment of temperature or cooling intensity leads to wastage of electricity. Thus, with the introduction of Haier’s new ‘Smart Eye’ AC, “Remotu Kaka” does not have to manually adjust the temperature and other functionalities of the AC anymore and his life is now like a cool breeze of air as against the earlier times, when he had to constantly manage various things through multiple remotes.

The campaign will run across all digital and social media platforms of Haier based on the theme “#Remotukaka”.

Haier India president Eric Braganza said, “The demand of air conditioners will considerably increase, therefore, our aim is to create a top of mind recall amongst consumers for Haier air conditioners through the launch of this TV commercial. It is targeted towards consumers who intend to upgrade or purchase a new home appliance that is efficient and adds extra comfort to their lives."

Scarecrow Communications founder-director Raghu Bhat said “The AC market is getting increasingly cluttered and hyper-active. The first requirement for any communication is disruption and memorability. Hence the story line and the characters in the plot - have to appeal to consumers instantly. That's why we created a character and a name - "Remotu Kaka" that consumers can remember and talk about. To communicate the propositions of the Smart Eye AC, we have used vivid visual demonstrations that bring alive the differentiated features like 50 feet cooling and Human Eye where the breeze follows a moving person.”

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