ITC Nimyle launches ‘Shuddh Shuruat’

ITC Nimyle launches ‘Shuddh Shuruat’

Aims to cleanse the Rath Yatra’s path with Neem based Nimyle.

Nimyle – ITC

Mumbai: Nimyle – ITC’s leading floor cleaner brand, has launched a unique endeavour this Rath Yatra called “Nimyle Shuddh Shuruat” – an initiative to cleanse the entire path of the Rath Yatra with Neem based Nimyle.

Taking inspiration from the symbolic ritual of “Chhera Pahanra” that marks the start of the yatra, ITC Nimyle’s Shuddh Shuruat is the first collective cleaning and purification of the path of the Rath. The initiative celebrates the cultural relevance of neem for purification by using neem-based Nimyle for the cleansing.

The revered Rath Yatra holds immense cultural and spiritual value as it reinforces the spirit of shared devotion. The celebratory procession at the event began with a grand showcase of Odisha’s rich culture of performing arts. Gotipua, a traditional dance form associated with the temples of Odisha, was performed at the event to inaugurate the procession. Medha Nacha, the beautiful tribal dance to the beats of the dhol energised the spirited cleaning for all present. Oriya actors Poonam Mishra and Sivani Sangita graced the public gathering and participated in the collective cleaning of the path of the Rath with ITC Nimyle.

ITC Ltd divisional chief executive, personal care products business Sameer Satpathy expressed, “We are proud to be a part of the revered Rath Yatra, which has immense cultural and religious significance in India. ITC Nimyle, crafted with the power of neem, endeavoured to purify the revered path of the rath through the unique Shuddh Shuruat initiative, which celebrates the spirit of collective cleaning.”

Mishra commented on her experience at the Rath Yatra with ITC Nimyle, “The tradition of the Jagannath Rath Yatra is deep rooted in India. It gives us all an opportunity to bow together before the supreme power. I am proud to have been a part of this unique collective cleaning of the path of the Rath. The Shuddh Shuruat campaign by ITC Nimyle aligns with the beginning of the state’s most auspicious celebrations.”

Sangita added, “ITC Nimyle’s Shuddh Shuruat is a unique initiative that has encouraged collective cleaning of the path of the Rath, and is testament to our profound beliefs in culture and tradition. ITC Nimyle crafted with Neem reiterates purity in the cleaning of the path of Rath in a unique beginning.”