India Gate Basmati Rice and Tarla join forces for a no-compromise experience

India Gate Basmati Rice and Tarla join forces for a no-compromise experience

The movie perfectly aligns with India Gate's recent campaign, "Basmati Rice se no compromise".


Mumbai: India Gate, the world's No.1 basmati rice brand, is thrilled to announce its exciting collaboration with the highly anticipated film, "Tarla." This captivating biopic delves into the remarkable life of India's trailblazing home chef, Tarla Dalal. Released on Zee5 on 7 July 2023, the movie perfectly aligns with India Gate's recent campaign, "Basmati Rice se no compromise." In line with our belief that success comes without compromise, whether in life or the kitchen, this collaboration celebrates the uncompromising legacy of India's renowned chef, Tarla Dalal.

Starring the talented Huma Qureshi in the lead role, supported by Sharib Hashmi, the film chronicles the inspiring journey of Tarla, a woman who revolutionized home cooking in India with her innovative recipes. Tarla Dalal, often regarded as ahead of her time, was the ingenious 'inventor' of numerous vegetarian dishes that continue to captivate taste buds even today. This collaboration serves as a befitting tribute to Tarla Dalal's extraordinary contributions and legacy, perfectly aligning with the ideology of the India Gate brand.

KRBL Ltd. India head of marketing at India Gate Kunal Sharma said, “Our collaboration with the movie "Tarla" (portrayed by Huma Qureshi) is a celebration of Indian cuisine's rich history and of Chef Tarla Dalal's unyielding character. We are so pleased to work together and recognize Tarla Dalal's outstanding contribution to Indian home cuisine as the premier brand of quality Basmati rice. India Gate being the first choice for most of the Indian household, you can spot your favourite basmati rice brand in Tarla’s kitchen as well.”

India Gate captivated its audience with enticing movie posters and inspiring videos across various digital platforms. One unique video featured the talented Huma Qureshi, portraying Tarla, as she demonstrated how to prepare the delectable vegetable biryani using the signature and world-renowned rice brand, India Gate. This captivating video was widely shared and leveraged on popular social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The campaign received significant traction and garnered attention from both Huma Qureshi and RSVP Films, who shared their excitement and support through social media stories and mentions.

To expand their reach, India Gate employed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, leveraging platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrated their commercials into popular music applications and other electronic media advertisements. In addition to these efforts, India Gate promoted their Basmati Rice across diverse platforms, including gaming and CTV advertising, aiming to engage with a wide range of potential buyers.

Don't miss the opportunity to stream "Tarla" on Zee5 and catch your favorite actress, Huma Qureshi, as she showcases her incredible talent in Tarla's kitchen, where the presence of India Gate Basmati Rice is sure to be noticed.