Dessert-loving doomscrollers are in for a special treat from Colgate!

Dessert-loving doomscrollers are in for a special treat from Colgate!

Drool-worthy dessert content now serving an unexpected reminder.


Mumbai: We’ve all been there. Past dinnertime, sitting on our beds or sofas, doomscrolling some mouth-watering dessert reels. Now picture this - you find a new video from your favourite dessert creator. They spend the next minute or so whipping up something so yummy, you drool over your screen. And then, they take that delicious dessert and start brushing their teeth with it. Literally. Cue Colgate’s clever new reminder to #BrushTonight!

It’s true that we spend a lot of time before bed either eating dessert or thinking about it. What we don’t think about, is brushing our teeth! Which is exactly what makes a dessert reel the perfect platform for Colgate to intervene. In its latest collaboration, the leading oral care brand has partnered with popular dessert creators Shivesh Bhatia, Natasha Gandhi, Neha Deepak Shah and Shreya Agarwala to create special brushing reminders disguised as regular dessert reels.

Based on the startling revelation that the last thing millions of Indians put on their teeth is sugar, and not toothpaste, this activity is being strategically placed during dinner time from 8 pm to 12 am. All so that a nation of several thousands of sweet lovers remember to end their night with toothpaste, and not sugar.





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