Britannia's new campaign stresses on protein consumption for young Indians

Britannia's new campaign stresses on protein consumption for young Indians

Aims to raise awareness about the role of cheese as a vital part of children’s nutrition.


MUMBAI: Britannia Industries has launched a new TVC for Britannia Cheese that talks about its protein rich nutritional qualities. Proteins are by far one of the most important macro nutrients that  should be part of a healthy diet and through the new  campaign, the Dairy company aims to raise awareness about the role of Britannia Cheese as part of children’s nutrition.

A study by ICMR in 2020 showed that four out of five  Indians don’t consume the recommended amount of good quality protein. As shown by various studies, India has been facing a protein deficiency over the recent years, across consumer groups.  

The new TVC from Britannia thus aims to encourage Indian parents to include Britannia Cheese, offered in other suitable formats like cubes, blocks, and spreads, as a rich and  delicious source of protein as part of their children’s diet.

“At Britannia, we have always ensured that our products carry both excitement and  goodness for our consumers. Today, the amount of protein consumed by Indians falls below the required  benchmark and that’s where we come in with the new proposition. Our endeavor is to educate and increase the protein intake among young India and be a strong culinary ally. Made with the goodness of  cow’s milk, Britannia Cheese is an important and a delightful source of protein that parents can include in  their households,” said Britannia Industries  VP Dairy Business Abhishek Sinha.

Speaking on the film, Buchanan Group director India Sanjeev Singhai said “This is the first project  opportunity with Britannia and that too an interesting one on the evolving category with Britannia Cheese. In India people believe all proteins are good and same irrespective of its source and really don’t  differentiate much between the quality of various sources. Through our advocacy-based advertising tool  Brand Power, it was our attempt to educate consumers on how including Britannia Cheese in the daily  diet is an easy and convenient way to help supplement the need of high-quality proteins. We look forward to  continue co-creating credible and engaging consumer content around Britannia brands helping drive add on trials and brand growth.”