Berger Paints’ announces Diwali ad campaign ‘Chiku ki Painting’

Berger Paints’ announces Diwali ad campaign ‘Chiku ki Painting’

Aims to look at the world through the eyes of a colour blind individual.

Berger Paints

Mumbai: Berger Paints is set to redefine the essence of colour this Diwali with its ad campaign- ‘Chiku ki Painting’. This initiative aims to shed light upon the unique perspective of inviting the audiences to consider viewing the world through the eyes of colour blind individuals, who experience a different spectrum.

In contrast to the traditional Diwali campaigns centered around vibrant colours, Berger chooses to focus on the absence of colour, highlighting the life of those living with colour-blindness. Berger being a paint brand and colour being at the core of its proposition, initiates a crucial dialogue on the concept of ‘seeing itself’, through this thoughtful approach. Berger’s Diwali campaign speaks of those who can’t perceive colour the same way most can- those who live with colour-blindness.

Conceptualised by the creative team at Green Chutney Films, a video-first agency that emphasises on story-telling through impactful films, the campaign unfolds a captivating story; the ad not only brings to the fore an often overlooked concern, but also seamlessly weaves the brand Berger into the narrative. Green Chutney Films creative director Manan Bhatt said, “I am so proud of the work done by our team on this campaign and how the campaign exudes not only of a fresh thought, which is often a challenge in such a cluttered market, but how beautifully brand Berger plays a role in telling of this story.”

Berger Paints head of digital Debayan Banerjee said, “We are extremely excited for this upcoming campaign! The excitement emerges from the new story and perspective which this campaign is trying to talk about and the innovative and warm integration the story does with the brand Berger and what it truly stands for.”

With the release of ‘Chiku ki Painting’ this Diwali, Berger calls upon Indian audiences to celebrate the unseen hues, embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity.