Asian Paints rolls out “Kaam Hamara. Credit Aapka.” campaign

Asian Paints rolls out “Kaam Hamara. Credit Aapka.” campaign

Asian Paints has also unveiled its new brand identity for Beautiful Homes Painting Service.

Asian Paints

Mumbai: The journey of Asian Paints in the domain of facilitating professional painting services has been one of remarkable growth, adaptability and innovation. The brand not only pioneered painting services in India but continues to be the indisputable leader with a service partner footprint extending across 600 plus towns, delighting over 2.5 lakh consumers. This makes the painting service brand from the house of Asian Paints, the largest of its kind in India.

The brand has continuously evolved to meet the dynamic demands of its customers. This evolution has given rise to Beautiful Homes Painting Service, a holistic experience that delivers beautiful homes, not only through its superior products but also credible dealer-led painting service.

Beautiful Homes Painting Service offers best-in-class expert professional service, ensuring homes remain beautiful, always. The commitment to hassle-free, on-time completion is a market differentiator, offering customers a guaranteed timeline with a unique 20 per cent moneyback assurance* if unmet. With the new Beautiful Homes Painting Service identity, Asian Paints is proud to unveil its new campaign, "Kaam Hamara. Credit Aapka.".

Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the new campaign encapsulates the essence of Beautiful Homes Painting Service. It cleverly taps into the consumer sentiment around hassles related to painting. Beautiful Homes Painting Service emerges as the preferred partner in the homeowner’s journey ensuring a seamless and on time painting experience that transforms houses into beautiful homes. Directed by Hemant Bhandari, the campaign’s video features a playful interaction between a satisfied customer and a skilled supervisor. In this playful interaction, the customer humorously claims credit for the exceptional and on-time work done by Beautiful Homes Painting Service, thus reinforcing the outstanding job done by the brand.

Speaking on the occasion, Asian Paints Ltd MD & CEO Amit Syngle said,” Asian Paints is committed to provide the best and cutting-edge technological services so as to take the customer experience to next level. We embarked on this journey partnering our network so that they could provide the painting service across the length and breadth of our country. With the dealer as the service provider the services have now become globally the largest painting service empowering lacs of homeowners to enjoy a professional, hassle-free experience. Our legacy, experience and leadership spanning decades has translated into credibility and trust among consumers in the brand. Now, we move forward to our next phase of disruptive growth with an all-new identity - Beautiful Homes Painting Service. With the innovative painting solutions and on-time, problem free painting commitment, the brand stands strong as an enabler and a reliable partner in helping customers create beautiful homes seamlessly. The new "Kaam Hamara. Credit Aapka." campaign carries forward this brand philosophy. The campaign is a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.”

Ogilvy India chief strategy officer Prem Narayan commented "Asian Paints deeply understands and acknowledges the common challenges faced by homeowners during painting. While everyone loves beautifully painted homes and getting compliments thereafter, the journey to reach there is always full of hard work. Beautiful Homes Painting Service plays the role of a silent trustworthy partner, ensuring desired results without any hassles. Our new campaign humorously showcases how homeowners can effortlessly continue enjoying their lives while the adept Beautiful Homes Painting Service supervisors expertly facilitate their home painting requirements.”

*T&C apply