Tata Tea Gold's Dil ki Suno honours women's potential for Women's Day

Tata Tea Gold's Dil ki Suno honours women's potential for Women's Day

The film follows four women navigating life's stages, torn between aspirations and realities


Mumbai: This Women’s Day, Tata Tea Gold has launched a new Dil ki Suno campaign that empowers women to listen to their hearts as they have the potential to achieve more. The latest film from Tata Tea Gold delicately captures the predicaments faced by women and encourages them to listen to their hearts and believe in their ability to do more.

The film depicts the journey of four women in different stages of their lives, each facing a dilemma of choosing between their aspirations and present-day realities. The film portrays the story of a seasoned cricketer who has just tied the knot and struggles with the thought of balancing her professional and personal commitments. It also depicts the journey of a 50-year-old woman who is passionate about dancing but worries if pursuing dancing at her age would be perceived as appropriate. A successful corporate professional who wants to resume her musical journey, and a homemaker who is taking her first steps in stock trading and feels uncertain about the likelihood of success. The film beautifully unfolds the conflicts a woman faces as she tries to balance her passion with familial, career or societal obligations. Nevertheless, what binds them together is their willingness to listen to their hearts and recognize that they have it in them to attain more.

Commenting on Tata Tea Gold’s new film, released on International Women’s Day, Tata Consumer Products president - Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia) Puneet Das said, “Tata Tea Gold, a premium tea blend that gives you rich taste and irresistible aroma, has been bringing to life inspiring stories of today’s empowered women as it acknowledges the unique challenges faced by contemporary Indian women. Navigating through career and familial responsibilities, varied interests, and social circles within the confines of 24 hours can be overwhelming. Despite the challenges, today women are excelling across diverse fields - Leading Fortune 500 companies, building unicorns, scaling more peaks at Mountaineering, shining through Sports and creative fields like filmmaking, Music etc.  Hence, Tata Tea Gold, which propagates ‘Apne Dil ki Suno’ endeavours to motivate today’s women to listen to their hearts and unlock their true potential.”

Commenting on the creative thought behind the campaign, Azaz-Ul-Haque, Chief Content Officer, Media Monks said “Aurat Bani Hai Aur Se. Discovering such hidden gems in language and a brand narrative that just perfectly echoes the thought is a rare occurrence in advertising. Tata Tea Gold urges women to listen to their hearts and follow what it says, and so it was just the right brand to convey that only when you listen to your heart, you will discover there is more to you. Tata Tea Gold has always told the most beautiful narratives of women's empowerment. Aurat bani hai Aur se is just another reflection of that singular, strong brand narrative”.