IDPL in collaboration with NKN Media expands its global reach in the MENA region

IDPL in collaboration with NKN Media expands its global reach in the MENA region

This partnership will whet the appetite of brand, marketers and advertisers.


Mumbai: IndiaDotcom Digital Private Ltd. (IDPL), formerly known as Zee Digital and one of India’s largest Digital entities, has announced its exclusive digital sales partnership with NKN Media. This partnership will whet the appetite of brands, marketers and advertisers who are constantly seeking opportunities with IDPL across the MENA region.

NKN Media will facilitate brand partnerships and also offer advertising solutions (spot and on-demand advertising) over 32 digital properties of IDPL. It has witnessed more than a billion page views per month and looks forward to innovating and crafting customized content, thus creating better affinity for the brand. The strategic move on joining hands with NKN Media, comes at a time when IDPL has been consistently garnering a fast-paced and highly engaged audience in terms of branding, opening doors to video ads across its digital channels.

Highlighting the evolving market demand and content-driven audience, IDPL CEO Devadas Krishnan said, “Investments in Digital Advertising are growing. With an expected market spend of $7.9 billion in 2024, MENA is an important market for IDPL. Today, brands and companies are able to engage consumers more specifically and effectively in the digital space than in any other medium. Companies across industries reallocate a higher share of their advertising spends to digital channels. IDPL, being one of the world’s largest digital news and information publishing conglomerates and serving 300 million plus unique users every month, is the right partner for brands to reach their target audiences more effectively.”

IDPL CRO Shridhar Mishra said, “We have been successful in building a strong digital presence in the last few years. On-boarding NKN media as our exclusive digital sales partner will surely cater to the needs of our audience, taking our digital engagement to a whole new level.”

NKN Media CEO & managing director Abdul Majid Khan added, “We, at NKN Media, are confident that the exclusive digital sales partnership with IndiaDotcom Digital Private Limited (Formerly known as Zee Digital), will result in a phenomenal growth of both entities. Our strategic vision will help in tailoring offerings as per the demand of IDPL’s widespread audience in different countries catering to digital consumers and capturing the full value from digital offerings.”