Gritzo announces its latest digital brand film

Gritzo announces its latest digital brand film

The brand film emphasizes the relevance of nutrition in nurturing growing children.


Mumbai: Gritzo, a brand of Healthkart and the first of its kind brand in the personalized nutrition drink for children, has unveiled a digital brand film that emphasizes the critical role of optimal nutrition at every stage of a child's growth and development. The digital film will be amplified across multiple digital touch points including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 

Taking us on an inspiring journey, Gritzo's digital film delves into a mother's personal quest to find a reliable nutritional companion that can nurture her child's dream. Throughout the film, Gritzo emerges as the unwavering choice for the mother, offering crucial support for her child's physical and mental growth. The opening scene captivates viewers, depicting the young boy taking his first steps in basketball at home and gradually progressing to the basketball court alongside his peers as a teenager.

The film showcases the mother's commitment to meeting her child's nutritional needs with Gritzo Supermilk as he progresses through various stages of growth and nurtures his dreams. Whether it's supporting his physical growth at the age of four to reach the basket, enhancing his long-range shooting skills at 8, or leading his team to victory as a teenager, Gritzo consistently caters to his aspirations. This narrative unfolds in a compelling manner, emphasizing the enduring trust placed in Gritzo for the child's overall development. 

Commenting on the release of the brand film, Gritzo (Child nutrition brand of HealthKart) business head Subhadeep Dasgupta said, "At Gritzo, we have always placed the utmost importance on a child's nutrition. Our latest brand film serves as a dedicated effort to educate and empower parents, encouraging them to make informed decisions regarding their child's dietary needs. We take great pride in being a trusted companion on the growth journey of aspiring children and their mothers, who seek the ideal dietary additions to support their kids' well-being. With the unshakable trust parents have placed in us, we look forward to unveiling a range of new products that surpass expectations and continue to foster the health and development of children.”

The film showcases Gritzo's signature product category, 'Supermilk,' featuring all three variants that cater to the specific growth stages of the boy. Each variant is depicted within the film, emphasizing its relevance in the child's life cycle. First, Gritzo Supermilk height plus (4-7 years) is highlighted, enriched with three times more protein, additional calcium, ashwagandha, and colostrum. Next is Gritzo Supermilk weight plus (8-12 years) which comprises MCT oil, pre and probiotics, designed to support healthy weight management. Lastly, the film introduces Gritzo Supermilk 13+ all-rounder, a comprehensive nutrient package designed to meet the unique needs of teenagers, providing essential nourishment for a child's overall well-being. 

Additionally, Supermilk is infused with the essential nutrients DHA, Calcium + D3, Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, E, K, Biotin), Minerals & Electrolytes (Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Chloride). It supports children's immune system development, better stamina, and growth in height. It has undergone rigorous quality inspections, was created using scientific principles, and has thus received full FSSAI approval. Supermilk comes in two exciting 100 per cent natural flavours – Double Chocolate & Mango

To make sure that every parent chooses the proper nutrition for their child, Gritzo's official website includes a tool powered by artificial intelligence that enables parents to calculate their child's BMI, further customize the drink for their children, and create a diet plan that is specifically tailored to each child's needs. Over 50,000 mothers today trust and rely on Gritzo to give their children the right nutrition.