Gold rush at Deltin Zuri: 'Game of Gold' leaves Attendees fascinated

Gold rush at Deltin Zuri: 'Game of Gold' leaves Attendees fascinated

Deltin Zuri delivers unmatched thrills and luxurious prizes.

Deltin Zuri

Mumbai– Deltin Zuri, one of India’s most popular destinations for live gaming and entertainment owned by Deltin, has successfully concluded its iconic 'Game of Gold' event. The more than two months-long extravaganza which started from 15 March 2024 and went on till 26 May 2024 witnessed a harmonious fusion of high-stakes gaming, fun, and mega prizes, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The standout feature of the dazzling occasion was the abundance of giveaways available to every attendee. Deltin Zuri kept the excitement going throughout the event with daily lucky draws from Monday to Friday. Monday through Thursday boasted three draws, each offering 10k worth of chips, while Friday through Sunday ramped up the stakes with three draws, each worth 20k chips. Moreover, Saturdays brought even more thrill with a Mega Lucky Draw, wherein fortunate winners walked away with Gold, amplifying the event's allure and enchantment.

"As the curtains close on our iconic 'Game of Gold' event, Deltin Zuri stands proud, having orchestrated a two and a half month-long celebration of gaming, luxury, and pure excitement," expressed Delta Corp COO Manoj Jain. "The heart of the event lay in our generous giveaways, ensuring every guest felt the thrill of possibility. Deltin Zuri remains committed to delivering unforgettable experiences, and 'Game of Gold' was no exception."

Echoing a similar sentiment Delta Corp deputy VP of marketing Arindam Basu stated, ‘The overwhelming response and enthusiasm from our guests for Deltin’ second edition of ‘Game of Gold’ has been truly inspiring. We look forward to continuing to create unforgettable experiences for our patrons.’