AiSensy unveils game-changing carousel messages feature on WhatsApp

AiSensy unveils game-changing carousel messages feature on WhatsApp

The innovative tool enables businesses to showcase multiple products in carousel messages.


Mumbai: AiSensy, a pioneer in WhatsApp marketing, has launched a groundbreaking feature - Carousel Messages on WhatsApp. This innovative tool allows businesses to send carousel-format messages, showcasing multiple products and services in one single message. With clickable Call-To-Action (CTA) and Quick Reply buttons, these messages are designed to drive twice as many clicks as standard WhatsApp Broadcast messages.

The introduction of Carousel Messages represents a significant leap in WhatsApp marketing capabilities. Businesses can now create and send up to 10 carousel cards in one message, offering a richer and more engaging customer experience. This feature not only enhances visibility for products and services but also drives higher engagement, with the potential to significantly increase click-through rates.

AiSensy, as one of the first WhatsApp Business Solution Partners to incorporate this technology, makes the creation of Carousel Messages incredibly straightforward. Businesses can simply select a Carousel template, add their content, incorporate both CTA and Quick Reply buttons, and submit the template for approval - all within a few easy steps.

"WhatsApp's latest Carousel cards present an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional solution for businesses seeking to elevate their ROI," remarked Gautam Rajesh Shelley, CEO & founder at AiSensy. "The incorporation of multiple Call-To-Action buttons within a single message adds an extra layer of versatility, making this innovative feature a true game-changer. From retail to technology, and beyond, the versatility of this Template message format empowers businesses across diverse industries to effortlessly showcase their offerings with unprecedented creativity and impact. Our clients have witnessed remarkable success with Carousel messages, achieving double click rates compared to standard WhatsApp Broadcast messages. This accomplishment is a testament to the effectiveness and potential of this groundbreaking tool in driving meaningful interactions and conversions."

Furthermore, Carousel Messages can also be used to share customer success stories, troubleshoot user queries by sharing step-by-step resolutions as well as share videos in the carousel format. The message acts as an opening for businesses across diverse industries to capture the user’s interest and help them drive high sales & revenue.