Agency M unveils the ITCH Summit

Agency M unveils the ITCH Summit

The ITCH Summit will feature visionary speakers & trailblazing entrepreneurs on 2 March 2024.

Agency M

Mumbai: Agency M, renowned for its pioneering efforts in branding Made in India SMEs, is thrilled to announce The ITCH Summit – a platform designed to ignite inspiration through tales of triumph.

Agency M's mission extends beyond mere brand creation; it involves crafting success stories that drives India's progress. With a specific emphasis on empowering the pillars of our nation's economy, Agency M is dedicated to uplifting SMEs and solopreneurs, pushing the limits of traditional branding to uncover fresh opportunities for Made in India products.

Under the visionary leadership of entrepreneur Prateesh R Nair, Agency M embodies a transformative spirit, blending youthful vigor with a deep-rooted commitment to community empowerment. Leveraging the dynamic young branding and advertising students of Miles School of Branding and Advertising (SoBA), Agency M is revolutionizing the branding landscape for SMEs across India.

Agency M founder & CEO Prateesh R Nair affirmed, "Agency M is dedicated to turning dreams into reality. Our aim is to provide impactful branding solutions to SMEs nationwide. The ITCH Summit epitomizes our dedication to empowering, inspiring, and catalyzing change."

In alignment with our ethos, Agency M has enlisted industry legends as advisors, enriching our efforts to redefine success and nurture aspirations.

The ITCH Summit, presented by Agency M, promises to be a celebration of innovation and inspiration, featuring visionary speakers and trailblazing entrepreneurs. Scheduled for 2 March 2024, at Miles Stadium, Bangalore, the event will be orchestrated by the enterprising student body of Miles SoBA.

The ITCH Summit guarantees an unparalleled experience, leaving attendees captivated and invigorated for the greater good. The roster of speakers for ITCH 2024 comprises unsung heroes and exceptional individuals driven by an insatiable ITCH to scale new heights.