“For TAS World their customers' satisfaction is of utmost priority”: TAS World’s Anmol Sachdeva

“For TAS World their customers' satisfaction is of utmost priority”: TAS World’s Anmol Sachdeva

TAS World facilitates real estate development, architecture and more.

Anmol Sachdeva

Mumbai: TAS World is a multidisciplinary firm that facilitates real estate development, architecture, interior design and project construction management consultancy services to all other services that people require in their project from scratch to finish pan India.

Their vision is to tailor and cater to their individual taste, creating truly one-of-a-kind, bespoke designs. As developers, architects and interior designers in Delhi, their aim is to create functional and practical spaces.

Indiantelevison.com caught up with TAS World’s founding and managing director Anmol Sachdeva in an email interaction, where he shared his brand’s vision, their projects etc..

Edited excerpts

On TAS World

A design led real estate led by young entrepreneurs Ankit Sachdeva and Anmol Sachdeva, bringing all experts in Architecture, Project Management and Interior Design under one roof is TAS World, a multidisciplinary Real Estate firm that assists homebuyers with everything that goes into making a perfect Dream Home.

The multidisciplinary firm that is based in the National Capital provides complete Real Estate Project Management. the team of experts at the TAS World provides solutions related to Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management, Real Estate Development and Structural Engineering. From giving the best-in-class design and services to executing them to making your dream place, there is nothing that TAS World leaves. With a dedicated and experienced professional team of Architects, Interior Designers, and Civil Engineers, they provide end-to-end complete Real Estate Project Management related solutions to their clients that have carved a niche around themselves because of their innovative technologically driven excellent designs and their effort to incorporate sustainability in the properties they deal in.

On products or services does the brand offer, and their standout features

Design Services, Structural Design Services, Real Estate Consultancy Services, Real Estate Development Services. From assisting you in finding your dream home to helping you in meticulously designing it as per your choice, from providing both luxury and comfort to keeping your budget in mind while helping you go through every nitty-gritty, TAS World does all for you.

On elaboratng importance on customer support and guarantees customer satisfaction?

For TAS WORLD their customers' satisfaction is utmost priority. Providing quick and problem solving after sales and staying in touch with their clients even after the delivery of project is what makes TAS World stand out.

On highlighting any eco-friendly or socially responsible actions taken by the brand

The world is witnessing massive environment-related challenges and this calls for innovative ways to tackle these issues. The growing alarmity has prompted people to take up the concept of sustainability seriously and the same is being experienced in various sectors. Real Estate in India is one such sector where the concept can play a vital role and catering to the same, TAS World, one of the leading multidisciplinary Real Estate Developers in India, is significantly contributing to this by majorly emphasising on the use of sustainable materials in every aspect they cater be it Construction, interior designing or Architectural designs that ensures maximum use of Construction Materials and Interior finish items that are environmentally friendly and cause zero- to low emissions.

Additionally, they provide affordable and cost-friendly properties alongside providing a number of benefits like improved tenant health and well-being and higher labour productivity. This is not just the aspect that TAS World is incorporating sustainability but with the belief that sustainable Design practices must reflect the brand’s honest commitment to protecting the environment, TAS World is also integrating sustainability in the segment of Real Estate, Architecture and Interior Design. By ensuring that their Designers use recycling resources, materials, and waste, they drastically reduce the negative impact on the environment and help preserve natural resources.

Unlike the general public perception, Architecture and Interior Design is a broad concept and is not just limited to the use of recycled materials to embrace the concept of sustainability but also has numerous other ways to do so. TAS World with a dedicated and experienced professional team of Architects, Interior Designers, and Civil Engineers while designing your project also ensures that the designs curated by them are Energy-efficient. Several new-age residential and commercial projects consume massive amounts of electricity, eventually producing greenhouse gases. To counter this, TAS World selects natural lighting and the right colours, combined with efficient insulation that, without a doubt, cut down the energy consumption significantly. Additionally, their interior designers, while designing your dream project, also ensure that the use of lighter colours on walls with reflective surfaces can help brighten up a room and decrease the need for artificial lighting. Post lighting, water efficiency is a vital part of sustainable architecture and Interior design and through meticulously curated built-in water recycling systems and tools; TAS World ensures the prevention of wastage.