VLCC launches ‘Clinic Range’

VLCC launches ‘Clinic Range’

The latest range is designed to deliver efficacious results with regime-based solutions.


Mumbai: VLCC, one of the largest beauty and wellness brands in the world, expands its product portfolio with launch of revolutionary skincare range ‘VLCC Clinic’. Backed by scientific formulations, the new range embodies the group’s 35 years of expertise in skincare and wellness while catering complete skincare solutions. Dedicated to premium skincare, the newly launched products harness the power of science to tackle any skin concern, methodically.

Leveraging inputs from more than 200 experts on board, supported by a wellness network of over 300 clinics, and trusted by over 20 lakh customers, VLCC’s Clinic range is the ultimate skincare expert ensuring clinic-like results at home. The clinic range is tailored to address issues like ageing, acne, pigmentation, and dullness, featuring products ranging from cleanser, moisturisers, serums to sunscreen. The brand has been bringing innovations in specific categories like facial kits where it also enjoys market leadership, but it is the first time the brand is launching a premium end-to-end skincare range.

Commenting on the launch of the new range, VLCC MD and group CEO Vikas Gupta said, “Not all influencers are experts. VLCC with its expertise of 35 years, in affecting beauty transformations in over two million Indian women, is the true expert for all your beauty needs. And now, that expertise comes to you in the form of top-class, most efficacious, high science products with our recent range- The VLCC Clinic range which gives the customers clinic-like results at home.”

Solidifying its position as a trusted leader in the beauty and wellness industry, the brand with its strong service and now product portfolio makes it the only brand to offer an integrated solution to the customer. VLCC aims to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation, and technology, supported by a robust in-house R&D team. With a comprehensive ecosystem of services and products, including wellness programmes, weight management solutions, personal care products, and skill development training, VLCC is aiming to reach new heights globally.  

The range will be exclusively available at all VLCC centres across India, they are also available on all online marketplaces and the VLCC website (www.vlcc.com/products). In addition, customers can also find them in major retail outlets nationwide.