Shisen Fox unveils summer's hottest eyewear trends

Shisen Fox unveils summer's hottest eyewear trends

Get the fox out with style to redefine timeless luxury.

Shisen Fox

Mumbai: Shisen Fox, a new-age premium unisex eyewear brand, launches its latest ‘Summer Metal collection’. With a focus on classic shapes and minimalist design, the collection introduces seven distinct models that exude quiet luxury and timeless elegance.

Each piece in the collection embodies meticulous attention to detail and precision craftsmanship. From the iconic hexagon, square, and round bridge designs to the Windsor rim and simple temple, every aspect has been carefully crafted to offer a sophisticated, snatched yet understated aesthetic.

The TORA shades, boast a timeless Panto Shape and exemplify the collection's ethos with its elegant designs and intricate detailing. Featuring delicate filigree designs on the temple and hand-engraved logos, these sunglasses evoke the craftsmanship of fine jewelry, with each frame undergoing 160 to 180 operations to achieve perfection.

For those seeking a modern edge, the OKITA sunglasses present hexagon-shaped features that effortlessly blend modern aesthetics with high-class luxury. The RAION shade, on the other hand, is rectangular-shaped and pays homage to classic vintage designs while infusing them with a bold, angular twist, appealing to fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement.

Other notable creations of the collection include the SHIKAKU, TOKYO, YAMATO, and FUJI shades, each offering a unique interpretation of timeless elegance and refined style. Whether it's the clean lines of the SHIKAKU or the oversized geometric shape of the TOKYO, every pair of sunglasses in the collection is designed to elevate and enhance the wearer's style and persona.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the sunglasses prioritize comfort and durability, with skin-friendly materials and protective lenses ensuring a superior wearing experience. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or strolling along the beach, this collection of sunglasses is your ultimate companion, offering unparalleled style and protection under the sun. From casual outings to formal occasions, the versatility of the collection makes it a must-have accessory for the discerning individual.

With its latest summer metal collection, Shisen Fox continues to redefine luxury eyewear, offering customers a harmonious blend of sophistication, precision, and timeless style.