KFC ropes in Dhanashree Verma to urge team to ‘Hit a 5’

KFC ropes in Dhanashree Verma to urge team to ‘Hit a 5’

Cricket is all about the fours and sixes but what’s “Hit a 5?”.


Mumbai: Recently, the social media was abuzz with curiosity as popular celebrity influencer, Dhanashree Verma, shared a captivating selfie sporting a quirky white t-shirt emblazoned with the words, "Hit a 5". Cricket aficionados were left scratching their heads, wondering what this cryptic message could signify, especially coming from the wife of ace bowler Yuzvendra Chahal.

However, the mystery was unravelled when Dhanashree took to Instagram to reveal the inspiration behind her enigmatic attire. As it turns out, her OOTD was a clever nod to KFC's newly launched International Burger Fest range, featuring five delectable Zingers inspired by flavours from around the globe.

Dhanashree expressed, "If there is something I love as much as cricket, it’s burgers. Everyone is always cheering for 4’s and 6’s, but I can’t wait to try out these 5 new burgers. It was overwhelming to see the response from my fans; my IG was flooded with comments and messages from everyone trying to decode what ‘Hit a 5’ really meant. While a lot of things in life could be a Hit or Miss, the 5 new Zingers from KFC are definitely a ‘Hit’.”