TCH 2022: Experts discuss the significance of technology to create authentic content

TCH 2022: Experts discuss the significance of technology to create authentic content

Cutting-edge content is transforming the media & entertainment sector every day.

TCH 2022

Mumbai: The media & entertainment sector is facing an adverse effect of the Covid 19 pandemic crisis. During the lockdown period, most of the film production and entertainment houses had to shut down, in such a scenario, technology played an imperative role in generating quality production work by functioning virtually. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technologies. The introduction of virtual productions, VFX, and game engines changed the film production business. The creation of content is improved by technological development and adapting to new trends.

On the sixth edition of's The Content Hub Summit 2022 held in Mumbai recently the media and entertainment industry experts shared their insights on the topic, 'Tech-celeration of content: where have we reached?'

The session had the presence of Eros Now chief technology officer Lokesh Chauhan; Contiloe Group CFO and Illusion Reality Studios CEO Nitin Dadoo; EPIC ON & Stream-Sense chief operating officer Sourjya Mohanty. 

The panel deliberated views on the development of tools and techniques for creating incredible content experiences. There has been immense development on the tech front that is changing the way content is consumed. Cutting-edge content is transforming the media & entertainment sector every day. Virtual production capabilities are becoming a key differentiator for content creators. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the entertainment segment leveraged technology throughout the entire virtual production life cycle to enhance the way content is created. It helped to improve production planning, increase shooting efficiency, and reduce the number of expensive reshoots.

The panel was also moderated by Plug and Play Entertainment media consultant & co-founder Anuj Gandhi.

The summit was presented by Viacom18, and co-powered by Applause Entertainment and IN10 Media Network. Aaj Tak Connected Stream is the association partner. Industry partners are Fremantle India, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, One Take Media, Pratilipi, Pocket FM and The Viral Fever. The Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA) is our community partner.

Understanding the significance of technology for generating content was the starting point of the conversation.

When asked, Is content & technology limited to OTT and theatre? What has happened to the good old TV? Dadoo said, "I don't think that technology is only restricted to OTT! Rather, it is highly helpful to all types of storytellers." He explained that “the use of new technologies like Unreal and Cam, which provide DOP directors camera tracking as well as onset information with an unreal virtual background, has drawn viewers back to television. The amount of time spent has increased during the past three months.”

In addition, he also remarked on the availability of talent to handle such technologies, "The talent aspect is quite difficult. We came to the conclusion that we needed to hire a foreign crew since Indians are unprepared for these kinds of technologies. After a month or two of preparing the Indian crew for the new technologies, we had another difficulty: keeping them employed when other opportunities in the market were available."

Another member from the panel, Mohanty added, "The problem is omnipresent. There is always a talent crunch in the industry."

Chauhan also mentioned, "OTT platforms' journeys are very distinct from those of traditional platforms." He continued, “All of these systems, including LG, Samsung, Android, and iOS are constantly evolving. There are continually more changes occurring; these are not coming to an end. There will be immersive experiences that will necessitate the complete rebuilding of many of these services, many of which we currently consider to be quite stable. In light of this, you must constantly develop your skills and learn new things, unlike many other technologies.”

Sharing his view on the impact of technology on the creative side of the business, Mohanty said, “Today is the era where machines decide what we need to think and what we need to do. The basic recommendation engine which is driven by AI and ML decides the content that audiences would like to watch.”

Regarding the monetization aspect, Chauhan stated, "Right now in India, there aren't enough individuals utilising these sites. Most of them run in the red. Players on OTT platforms are attempting to optimize their journey. The ugly truth is that Indian OTT services don't have as much money as Netflix and Amazon do.” 

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