Playflix K-Drama app wins 'Best App of the year 2024'

Playflix K-Drama app wins 'Best App of the year 2024'

Playflix K-Drama offers Korean dramas dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, with English subtitles.

Playflix K-Drama

Mumbai: The super-entertainer app Playflix K-Drama has added another feather in its cap by winning the ‘Best App of the Year’ in the recently held Digital Media Excellence Awards 2024.

One Take Media Co, the global media production &distribution house that has launched the app is a leading contributor in bringing binge worthy Korean contents to India. And with it's award-winning OTT App 'Playflix K-Drama’, it brings a variety of popular Korean dramas dubbed in regional India languages like Hindi, Tamil and Telugu along with English subtitles to its Indian viewers.

A content-streaming OTT app with a subscription model, Playflix K-Drama app boosts of 10,000 hours of entertainment, 9000+ Eps. of Korean content. Shamoly Khera, Joint Managing Director, One Take Media said, "Playflix K-Drama arrives at a perfect time when the Hallyu wave has taken over the Indian subcontinent. Korean dramas have a short episode format, great production quality, award-winning actors and the production is aesthetically pleasing for a wide audience.”

Besides award-winning Korean Dramas, Playflix K-Drama has recently added new and exciting Korean dramas like Medical Top Team, The Banker, Pride & Prejudice, Lonely Enough To Love, Summer Strike, Sweet & Salty Office, The Villain Of Romance. Playflix K-Drama is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for iOS users. For those who wish to enjoy a full-screen experience, Playflix K-Drama is also available on Amazon Fire TV.