Pokémon GO wins the ‘Best Ongoing Game’ award

Pokémon GO wins the ‘Best Ongoing Game’ award

Pokémon GO has been captivating global players for seven years since its 2016 launch.

Pokémon GO

Mumbai: Pokémon GO, one of the leading augmented reality mobile games by Niantic has been recognised with Google Play’s ‘Best Ongoing Game’ award in India in 2023. This recognition is a testament to Pokémon GO’s continuous efforts towards engaging players for seven years since the launch and the game’s evident success in delivering captivating, augmented reality experiences, innovative blend of technology, and community interaction which resonates with millions of trainers across India and the world.

Since the launch of Pokémon GO in 2016, Niantic has demonstrated unwavering dedication towards engaging Pokémon fans around the globe and persuading them to explore their neighbourhoods. With the introduction of exciting features, events, in-game rewards, and innovative updates to the game and underlying technology at regular intervals, the company has always prioritized the enrichment of Pokémon GO adventure and successfully created an ever-evolving and immersive experience for the trainers. Niantic recently added Hindi language support to the game to allow a wider audience in India to make themselves a part of the Pokémon GO universe.

Niantic VP for emerging markets Omar Tellez, on the announcement, said, “The acknowledgment of Pokémon GO as the Best Ongoing Game on Google Play in India is a celebration of the collaborative spirit that defines Niantic and our incredible community. This recognition reflects our Trainers’ and communities’ uninterrupted love which has been only growing with each passing year since we introduced the game to this world in 2016. We are grateful to each of our Indian Trainers for contributing to our commitment towards expanding the community and delighted to see new Trainers embarking on their Pokémon adventures.”

This award is a celebration of shared passion that unites Pokémon GO’s global community making the game a timeless adventure transcending beyond boundaries and welcoming all to immerse into augmented reality experiences.

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO.