CelerityX launches unified network-as-a-service solution “ONEX”

CelerityX launches unified network-as-a-service solution “ONEX”

It has entered into a strategic partnership with MAFCOCS.

Om Prakash Dadappa, President, MAFCOCS with Sameer Kanse, Chief Business Officer, CelerityX

Mumbai: CelerityX, the enterprise networking solutions business of OneOTT Intertainment Ltd (OIL), India’s fourth largest private ISP and a subsidiary of Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd, announced the launch of OneX - a unified network-as-a-service solution covering network management, security, and LAN-side control solution, today. As a start, it also announced deployment of OneX to tackle the connectivity challenges faced by cooperative credit societies in Maharashtra. Through a strategic partnership with Maharashtra State Cooperative Credit Societies Federation (MAFCOCS), it aims to enable secure and high uptime banking connectivity for over 40,000 branches in the state, with the potential to serve over 100,000 branches nationwide.

The banking sector often grapples with connectivity issues, especially in Tier 2 and 3 cities, where outdated systems fail to provide security against modern threats. OneX facilitates a paradigm shift- simplifying complexity with agility and security and its ability to leverage multiple WAN technologies, including mobile SIM, ensures high uptime, zero trust-based networks, and security across all locations.

Cooperative credit societies in Maharashtra who are a part of MAFCOCS will benefit from the alliance with OneX, streamlining connectivity by leveraging broadband and mobile SIM with firewalls and zero-radius perimeter security solutions to ensure security and uptime. More importantly, the OneX costing structure will benefit even the smallest of credit societies, who can avail of this essential service to prevent cyberattacks on their network infrastructure.

CelerityX has received its first order from Samta Sahakari Patasanstha for its branches in Maharashtra while conversations with various others are underway.

MAFCOCS president Om Prakash Dadaapa, also known as Kaka Koyate said, “Maharashtra has over 16,000 credit societies. These credit societies are increasingly becoming significant in their size and impact compared to cooperative and national banks. Many of them, in fact, have stronger assets under management (AUM) and financials than larger banks. This growth in assets also brings the responsibility of ensuring technology modernization for these credit societies to serve their customers better. While this technology transformation brings convenience to customers, it also exposes the credit societies' infrastructure to cybersecurity threats and network intrusions. OneX addresses these challenges seamlessly – providing a Unified Threat Management Solution including network, firewall and endpoint security to all credit societies. Samta Sahakari Patasanstha has already taken a pioneering step by implementing OneX across its branches in Maharashtra. I strongly urge all other credit societies to follow suit and take advantage of this robust security solution”.

CelerityX chief business officer Sameer Kanse added, "With OneX, we are democratising banking connectivity for cooperative credit societies. This partnership with MAFCOCS is a major step towards promoting financial inclusion and driving growth in the rural sector and we have our sights on expanding into other states facing similar challenges."

With its robust infrastructure and scalable technology, OneX has the potential to connect over 100,000 branches across India. This empowers financial inclusion and equips banks with the network security needed to thrive in the digital age.

OneX proudly carries the 'Make In India' certification for its software-defined WAN, providing true bandwidth aggregation and enables efficient utilisation without downtime or session termination during input source failures.